The Kanikapila Rag
Uncle Babe

As of April 2021 Dennis and Christy Soares have released an astounding 180 musical projects.  Most of these are still in circulation and date back to 1972.  They have chosen CDBaby as their primary distributor and this has been a rewarding relationship.  The images below represent those releases with CDbaby.  Visit any emusic seller to hear or download tracks.

David Nudelman

My Story In Song
Maggie Herron

Busride to Kalapana
Uncle Babe

dennis and christy soares 
(solo albums, anthologies, compilations)


Frank Kaʻanoʻi

Green Eyes
Stef Mariani


Hot Dog Man
Uncle Babe


Average Joes

​​The Music Of
Dennis and Christy Soares

Peachy Keen
Eyes of Red

Island Brothers​
​Bad Papa

Albums produced for others                        Albums no longer in circulation

using our music:                                          Dennis Soares and Susan Cronk (1981)

Sincere Sounds                                           Let the Love In, Let the Love Out (1982)

Deborah Cairns                                            Something's Moving (1984)

Cheryl Kelling                                               One World (1985)

                                                                     Tuned In  (1087)

                                                                     Picadilly Pond (1987)

                                                                     Reach Out In Love- Vol. 2 (1989)

​                                                                     Just For You (1987)

You Know
​This Christmas
Frank Kaʻanoʻi

Lahaina Blues
Frank Kaʻanoʻi

Fearless Prayer
Amalia Joy

Tamed by Time
​Papa Ray